Soul Wellness, Social Support, & Therapeutic Services

Organizational Wellness Services

Training, Keynote Speaking, Expert Panelists, and TJ Circles to Support CommUNITY Wellness, DEI, and Culture-Changing Initiatives.


Soul Wellness Support Services can bring in-person or online training on DEI, Employee Wellness, Staff Engagement/Retention, and more.


Our Soul Wellness Social Support team will deliver compelling and transformational keynotes at y(our) events, symposiums, and conferences.


Our Wellness Professionals specialize in delivering complex information on trauma, grief, healing, and emotional wellness with other experts.

TJ Circles

Experiential training aimed to influence a culture shift which will lead to the abandonment of the use of punitive measures to address conflict.


Soul Wellness Social Support will dispatch to walk with our commUNITY in response to tragedies such as a loss of a family member, commUNITY member, or employee to suicide.