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Mental and Emotional Wellness Services

Individual, Couples and Family, and Group Therapy services from Wellness Professionals who understand you.


50 Minutes per session


YOU are the most important person in y(our) story. Working on y(our) wellness matters, working with a wellness professional, allows you to address the parts of the story that are impacting you in a significant way, on your terms.

Ready to start building towards wholeness, to feel seen, heard, and understood?


90 Minutes per session


Strong family units build a strong collective commUNITY. No matter your family dynamic, pre-marital, married with children, single parenting, your family matters. In this 60-90 minute session you get to keep the focus on your family and your familial wellness journey.

Ready to start building towards wholeness, to feel seen, heard, and understood?


50 Minutes per session


Social Support is a thing, and we know that as people of the diaspora we experience trauma in commUNITY and often heal in silos, group therapy allows you to be in a room with others on silimar wellness journeys to y(our)s and heal together with the assistance of a Wellness Professional.

Ready to start building towards wholeness, to feel seen, heard, and understood?


Because we personalize y(our) healing journey as a journey we are engaged in together; it is OUR journey! We want to emphasize the importance of US walking the healing journey WITH you in CommUNITY and CONNECTed to a Wellness Provider invested in YOU!
As long as y(our) journey needs it to be; you and your wellness professional will partner and design the course to chart a Treatment Plan and make any necessary changes or adjustments as needed. The goal is not to rush but to arrive safely and confidently at your desired healing destination. You and y(our) Wellness Professional will work through any additional issues or concerns that may arise during y(our) hearing process. Typically you’ll work through 4-8 sessions per presenting issue as identified in y(our) strategy session and personal progression plan. The collaborative wellness process allows you and y(our) Wellness Professional to review every issue on y(our) progression plan and make any changes as necessary.
Expect to be heard, validated, and an active part of y(our) wellness journey and healing process. You will remain the expert of y(our) life, story, experiences, and feelings. You can expect to feel in a way you’ve not felt in a while or ever. Expect to laugh and cry. Expect to go to places in y(our) mind and body that you may or may not have visited before. Expect to work hard and be challenged. Expect to learn and unlearn. Expect to explore y(our) thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Expect to notice interpersonal and intrapersonal changes. Expect to leave with tools and tactics to help you transform your approach to y(our) career and your life. *There can be no guarantees made regarding the ultimate outcome of therapy.
During y(our) wellness sessions, we will do a lot of work in a short time; the real healing journey takes place outside the session. So y(our) Wellness Professional may assign you tasks to complete in between sessions. To do the hard work of healing, in areas of y(our) journey that they cannot accompany you to, you MUST exercise the healing muscle and use those skills learned in session outside of session. Unfortunately, we cannot fix for you in an hour what you do not work on at home. As is the case with all forms of wellness, you must commit to implementing y(our) Wellness Professionals’ recommendations regularly between checkups so that by y(our) next visit, y(our) progress will be measurable.

This is to be expected, as the issues that have caused you to seek services from a Wellness Professional and impaired y(our) ability to function as you have deemed optimal did not just show up today. You have picked up soo much on your journey to this point, you have survived it all, and some things left deep scars others may have given you the tools you needed to forge forward. The first thing we want to do with you on y(our) wellness journey is to give yourself grace. It’s ok if it takes a while to regain y(our) spark. It is also important to note that engaging in wellness services, will not change others. The work done in therapy must be repeated in all environments: home, school, work, church, the community, and all other social environments (see Homework).

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